Živilė Harrison (née Raudonienė, born April 29, 1982) is a Lithuanian fitness model, bodybuilder and former professional wrestler. She is signed to the WWE under the ring name Aksana where she is the on-screen manager of her real life husband Matthew Harrison.

Raudonienė began her career as a bodybuilder at the age of 16, where she began her training. At the age of 17, she was the youngest participant in the 1999 IFBB Arnold Classic Contest. During her time as a bodybuilder, she won three medals in Bodybuilding Amateur World Championships (2 silver, 1 bronze).

Raudonienė signed with the professional wrestling promotion WWE and was assigned to their developmental system, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), debuting in October 2009. She became the Queen of FCW and won the FCW Divas Championship, and was the first woman to hold both titles simultaneously. In September 2010, she competed in the third season of NXT, placing fourth. She made her debut on the main roster in August 2011, and remained with the company until her release in June 2014, but returned two years later in a non-wrestling rule as manager of her real life husband Matthew Harrison.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Diva/Divo Drop (Spinebuster)
    • Spinning headlock elbow drop
  • Signature moves
    • Bow and arrow hold
    • Catapult backbreaker
    • Elbow drop, with theatrics
    • Figure–four headscissors transitioned into multiple push-up facebusters
    • High knee
    • Russian legsweep
    • Scoop slam
    • Side kick to a seated opponent, with theatrics
    • Sidewalk slam
    • Single leg Boston crab
    • Snapmare, followed by a shoot kick to the back of the opponent's head
    • Tilt-a-whirl slam
  • Managers
  • Wrestlers managed
  • Nicknames
    • "The Billion Dollar Baby"
    • "The Leather-clad Lithuanian"
    • "The Flirty Competitor"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Can't Stop" by Hollywood Music (FCW)
    • "A Little Sax in the Night" by Nigel Hitchcock (August 5, 2011 – October 26, 2012)
    • "Fantasy" by Jim Johnston (November 5, 2012 – June 10, 2014, May 9, 2016)
    • "The Brusier" by Jim Johnston (May 16, 2016 – present; used whilst managing Matthew Harrison)
    • "Curl of the Burl" by Mastodon (September 25, 2016 – present; used whilst managing The Brothers)